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AAA partnered with 160over90 to completely restage the iconic 100-year-old brand among its current members and disengaged younger prospects.


Say “AAA” and people think “tow trucks.” For generations, AAA has been known for trusted roadside assistance, but decades of consistent marketing has failed to make 50 million members aware of the full extent of products and services available, such as car care, insurance, travel, discounts and financial services — all designed to help members improve their lives. Recent competition has commoditized the roadside assistance product; therefore, retaining current members and acquiring new ones has been stagnant.


First up was a strategic overhaul involving all divisions of the AAA organization. We then orchestrated an overarching brand relaunch, first with internal audiences, then moving to broad consumer media, to reposition AAA from a commodity to a lifestyle brand. To shift the perception, we launched an integrated campaign, including TV and radio spots using comedian Jim Gaffigan as the voice of AAA, digital out-of-home, transit, social and a website re-skin. All to let the world know that life’s exclamations of frustration, of joy, of relief are “actually pronounced Triple-A.”


An integrated brand awareness campaign launched in May 2014 has garnered approximately 140 million impressions, of which 17 million were digital, resulting in a click-through rate of 0.36%, nearly triple the Google benchmark average.

Over 140 Million Impressions
Over 17 Million Digital Impressions
0.36% Click-Through Rate