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Florida Gators

Florida Gators

The University of Florida partnered with us to create a master athletics brand to represent all 21 varsity programs and to re-establish The Gator Nation as a powerhouse across all sports.


Playing in the fiercely competitive SEC as well as battling in-state rivals for the nation’s top recruits had helped the Gators rack up 33 national championships, over 260 individual national champions and 100 Olympic medals. Yet, UF was still primarily known for its gridiron accomplishments. We leveraged that strength and, through an investigation process that included interviews with over 300 people across the athletics department, developed a brand that changed the perception from football school to a destination for winning athletes.


The brand we created lets fans and athletes everywhere know what it means to be a Gator. It’s the commitment to each other and The Gator Nation that allows UF to be truly unstoppable. We launched a football hype video that ran in The Swamp and online; it wasn’t just about what happens on the field, but what’s in the hearts of Gator fans. By the second time it played, fans in the stands had memorized it and recited it word for word. We also delivered recruiting templates to coaches in revenue and non-revenue sports which could be customized and used in print and social media. And we created an all-sports video highlighting the full power of the orange and blue.


Our Gator football hype video has had millions of views, making it one of the most watched college football videos of the year. And the Gators saw increased ticket sales, including a 20 percent spike for men’s basketball and an increase in recruiting rankings, which jumped to number 8 for football and climbed to number 6 for basketball.

Most Watched College Football Video of 2014
20% Increase in Men’s Basketball Ticket Sales
Increased Football and Basketball Recruiting Rankings