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IMG Academy

IMG Academy

IMG Academy helps athletes maximize their potential. By increasing their brand awareness 160over90 helped IMG maximize their own.


IMG offers everything from team training, to individual training, youth sports camps, and boarding school programs. But all those offerings can make for a convoluted message. Additionally, those terms alone don’t do the Academy justice. Because at IMG “team training” can mean everything from your average youth soccer team right up to the US Track Team. And “individual” in “individual training” includes everything from world-ranked tennis pros and prospects training for just about every professional sport’s draft to your local middle school’s backup point guard. IMG’s offerings are as impressive as they are varied. So are their consumers—elite athletes and their agents along with young up-and-coming prospects and their parents.

They needed a brand and tactics to support that could flex for all of the above, and then some.


Traveling the grounds at IMG we’d walk across a baseball field that only months before was just a tomato field. You’d encounter young, seemingly un-athletic nine-year olds wearing glasses who’d smash the cover off the ball the moment you handed them a racket. The place oozed potential. From facilities, to athletes, and coaches and teachers alike—everyone at IMG Academy is drawn to the place by a common desire: to pursue reaching their utmost. Or in other words, “to better their best.”

Once we figured out that commonality, the trick was getting the story down into words and visuals that would resonate with athletes and parents across the globe. We did just that with a video content series that lived on a new site where we drove traffic through an online campaign timed for the holiday season.


The new work drove traffic to IMG’s new site and increased applications from all across the globe for their youth camps and boarding school programs alike. As the work continues to rollout all their KPI’s continue to rise as we drive the IMG Academy brand to reach its full potential.

Increase in Web Traffic
Increase in Applications