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Indianapolis Colts

Indianapolis Colts

In 1984, the Colts made the bold decision to pack the Mayflower trucks and bring iconic football to the Midwest. In 1998, they selected Peyton Manning over Ryan Leaf, which led to a Lombardi and converted Hoopsland to a Pigskin state. And in 2016, they chose 160over90 to help them make sense of this storied past and articulate an authentic narrative that defines their brand of Heartland Football.


There are a lot of amazing athletes across all of professional sports, but only a handful of G.O.A.T.s. Peyton Manning was one of these rare breeds who could carry a team and an organization on his back, embodying all of the characteristics of a first-in/last-out midwestern mentality. He really could do it all…until he was gone, leaving behind a fanbase who expects AFC championships and doesn’t know how to support a team after two 8-8 seasons. So with a new GM, and a QB who’s health was in question, 160over90 was brought in to help define and articulate the shared values of the Colts and the greater Indiana region.


Built on the platform of strong Midwestern values (hard work, family, character, hospitality, trust, loyalty), we launched the “Midwest Earned” brand with a cinematic two-minute anthem video. The campaign spanned TV, digital, social media, outdoor, and cinema.

The campaign at its core is all about the ethos and the value system that drives and defines not just the team and the organization, but Indiana and the Heartland. It represents a turning point, where being a part of the Colts family means more than football, more than showing up each week, more than wearing the shoe. But forging it in a fire that burns so hot, it’s blue.


The campaign garnered 4.3M views from the 2-minute Spanish and English video versions, and over 70M earned media impressions overall. It even attracted attention from top local and national publications like Sports Illustrated and earned support from celebrity fans like Mike Epps.

Recognized by:

4.3M English and Spanish video views
70M earned media impressions
Attracted attention from publications like Sports Illustrated