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From big box to corner store, international to locally sourced, high quality to low price, the last thing this country needed was another supermarket. But Lidl, a successful European Grocer, understood that even though there are endless options to fill your basket, a little fresh perspective and huge helping of unparalleled efficiency could change grocery in the U.S. as we know it. So we helped Lidl launch with a bold vision to “Rethink Grocery.” To urge shoppers to not compromise on quality, to always get what they want for what they want to spend, and to question everything about the way they’ve always shopped. Because there’s a new answer in town: Lidl.


In 2015, Lidl was a limited assortment grocery mainstay across Europe. When they set upon their aggressive expansion to the U.S. they ran into a problem they’d never come across: even though they were a beloved, go-to grocery store with 10,000 stores in 27 countries, they had zero awareness in the U.S. So they partnered with 160over90 to develop a unique brand that would appeal to the biggest melting pot in the world, America.


The rising prices of groceries in the U.S. can largely be attributed to the overcomplicating of experiences in-store and online. Too much packaging. Too much overhead. Too much costs. With not enough thought. We helped Lidl launch their U.S. brand from the ground up with the “Rethink Grocery” platform, that invited shoppers to a freshly thought assortment built on simplicity, that never compromises on price or quality. The brand launched in 2017 with a 360 campaign including social content, broadcast, and in-store messaging that questioned the way people shop. Spots like “Can sticker shock be a good thing?” and “Why can’t a Tuesday night be a feast?” showed shoppers what their reactions to Lidl’s price and quality could be.


After two years of developing the Lidl brand, from internal HQ branding helping them inspire and grow now 1,500+ employees, to distribution and supplier messaging, to an efficient store design with modular merchandising, we helped Lidl simultaneously debut 10 stores across the East Coast on launch day. When a brand is built from the ground up, success can be measured in a single visual: lines around the store on opening day. Lines stretched around 2,000 deep from entry around the parking lot. And this continued from store to store across the 50+ that have said “Hallo” to date. The brand’s challenge to consumers to “Rethink Grocery” continues to bring the crowds as they aggressively expand across America.

Design and Launch of 50+ stores
Lines of 2,000+ on launch day
Ground up growth to 1,500+ employees