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Los Angeles Angels

Los Angeles Angels

The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim partnered with us to create a name, identity and design experience for its new luxury seating section.


After a yearlong delay, the Angels were ready to unveil a new seating section. They transformed their old press box into one of Major League Baseball’s premier experiences. Right next to the owner’s box, the section featured all-inclusive, globally inspired dining, a highly attentive personal staff and the best sight lines in baseball.


Knowing that the Southland is not so much a sports town as it is an events town, we created a look and feel to reach the socially savvy Orange County crowd. Dubbing our audience the “Scenesters,” we started with naming the space HALO, then built a brand, identity and aesthetic to appeal to those who expect a certain level of accommodation, service and exclusivity. It’s baseball, but with a polished, airy lounge-like atmosphere. We wanted everything to have a premium, considered feel — from the sales materials to the tickets to tiny surprise- and delight-moments on coasters and glassware to a photo wall backdrop for entering guests.


Before 160over90 branded the space, it was 40% sold. Within a month of the brand launch, HALO was 100% sold out for the season. Since then, the space has garnered early deposits for next year and helped the Angels secure top-flight sponsors for the space.

Sold Out Luxury Seating Section
Early Deposits for Next Season
Secured Sponsors