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To help sell more supercharged, high-end Mercedes-Benz AMG vehicles by driving participation in the prestigious AMG Driving Academy.


Sporting 500-plus horsepower and racecar-worthy performance, Mercedes-Benz’s AMG line is the iconic automaker’s most prestigious and sought-after fleet of vehicles. The AMG Driving Academy is designed to give drivers the ultimate test-drive; take the wheel of these hand-built machines on some of the world’s most iconic tracks. The Academy drives trade-ups for existing Benz customers and introduces new consumers to the most compelling, one-to-one sales experience imaginable. Boosting attendance to the Academy would drive sales of these luxury vehicles.


To grab the attention of a group of consumers who can buy nearly anything they want, we focused on something that is truly priceless: the pure, unadulterated joy that comes from whipping through hairpin turns, embankments and full-throttle straight-aways. Our insight, “Experience is the new luxury” drove the marketing, which enabled top executives to imagine themselves unleashing their inner Steve McQueen.


The AMG Driving Academy reported its highest enrollment numbers in successive years, and on-site sales increased by 14%. During the second year of our involvement, Mercedes-Benz saw the 10,000th sale of its iconic SLS, the $220,000 gullwing supercar.

14% Increase in On-site Sales
10,000th Sale of SLS Model
Highest Enrollment in Successive Years