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As the first public university west of the Mississippi, Mizzou’s impact on the Midwest is undeniable. Recent struggles with diversity and discrimination have overshadowed their public perception, but the Tigers aren’t waiting for change to happen, they are making it happen today.


It’s a common saying that Tigers earn their stripes, but in Columbia it’s more than just words. Knowing that Mizzou welcomes approximately one-third of Missouri’s high school seniors annually and is a key part of the economic impact for the entire state, it’s safe to say Mizzou is deeply woven into the fabric of the Show-Me state. Despite its rich history and massive impact on the Midwest, incidents on campus in recent years led to negative public perception and decreased enrollment.

Looking to move into a new era, Mizzou partnered with 160over90 to build and execute one of their most strategic paid media campaigns to date. The campaign focused on building positive perception, driving applications, and yielding more accepted students. The goals were simple, but the challenge was developing creative that would reinvigorate the alumni base and resonate with Tiger audiences across the state.


Lead by our in-house Research team we uncovered in-depth qualitative and quantitative results to inform an overarching strategy to take back the state of Missouri. Our team in Columbus developed a brand strategy that integrated the folks from Media, Social, Creative, and Video to build an immersive plan to help remind Missouri of the reasons to be proud of their flagship university. The campaign spanned print, video, web, out-of-home, and digital—including bus wraps, billboards, paid search, and social media ads, as well as, targeted short videos and emails using Audience Match data that personally addressing accepted students by name.


This wasn’t just about telling the Mizzou story, it was showing it. And the Tigers responded, earning over 10 million social media impressions along the way. Within the first admissions cycle, the Tigers saw a 17% increase in applications and 14% increase in enrollment. Post launch, the campaign landing page had been viewed over a million times. The exciting part is what is still to come.

10 Million
702,000 Social Engagements
17% Increase in Applications