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Philadelphia Eagles

Philadelphia Eagles

The Philadelphia Eagles wanted to build a long-term brand that embodied their fans’ unending passion for the team.


Following the 2012 season, the Eagles hired a new coach, president, GM and other front office personnel. The team partnered with 160over90 to develop a brand that could better reflect the team and it’s connection with the city. The brand needed to build season-to-season — rather than change direction with the seasonal tagline-driven campaigns typical of professional teams.


Truth and authenticity were key to building trust among one of the most demanding fan bases in sports. Our “Tough Love” brand reflected the family bond between the organization and city. The brand premiered with an epic two-minute video, titled “What Brotherly Love Truly Means,” which set the fan base buzzing. It was reinforced with a season-long video series, outdoor advertising, social media and in-stadium branding.


The team drew 1.3 million views from the two-minute video, and the TV, outdoor and online campaigns garnered more than 110,000 impressions. The campaign was written up by countless sports blogs, earned attention from the New York Daily News and The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, and received free airplay on television and radio outlets.

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