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U.S. Open

U.S. Open

Make one of the world’s biggest events even more spectacular by increasing fan engagement on the 40-plus large screens throughout the U.S. Open grounds.


More than one million fans attend the U.S. Open each summer, making it the most attended annual sporting event in the world. 160over90 was brought in to increase ticket sales, enhance the on-site experience and boost fan engagement.


The U.S. Open is a New York summer blockbuster, and we chose to market and treat it as such. Advertising driving ticket sales conveyed a movie poster theme, showcasing the Open’s infinite storylines and star-studded cast (on and off the court). For the on-site experience, we chose to treat the entire network of stadium big-screens as if they were their own TV network with a full roster of programming. Our work featured everything from anthemic match openers to 30 for 30-esque features on players to Strike Science — a series that highlighted the physics behind the talent of some of the world’s most impressive athletes.


Ticket sales for 2013 hit an all-time high for the Open and the onsite and online videos helped increase the USTA’s social media followers by 43%. Additionally, ESPN chose to run our Manifesto video as the opening sequence for its coverage of the U.S. Open — an unpaid airing, which debuted to an audience of more than 12 million fans nationwide.

Recognized by:

Highest Ticket Sales for U.S. Open
43% Increase in Social Media Followers
ESPN Used Video as Opening for U.S. Open Coverage