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Under Armour

Under Armour

When Under Armour decided to unleash its new advances in footwear, the company sought us out to help introduce the products via digital, video and in-store executions.


Under Armour was unleashing its most advanced basketball shoe to date: the UA Anatomix Spawn. Backed by a roster of the NBA’s hottest young stars, this feat of athletic engineering would cement its spot both on the hardwood and in the locker room.

At the same time, it was introducing the tech that would form the foundation of its entire 2014 footwear rollout: ClutchFit — a fabric that envelops your foot like a second skin, giving you the confidence to perform when it matters most.


The agency developed a visually engaging microsite that matched the pure explosiveness of the Spawn and explained the technology behind it in a way a player would understand. Using Under Armour’s NBA stars, the agency helped show how each element of the shoe could improve a player’s specific game — cut quicker, land softer and accelerate faster. The result was a site that took NBA-sized game and elite-level technology, and applied it to any court.

We launched the ClutchFit line throughout a yearlong broadcast campaign encompassing football, soccer, basketball and hockey, supported by some of Under Armour’s top stars in their respective sports. Likewise, we helped increase sell-through by translating the campaign to print, in-store, partner and online executions.


Our ClutchFit Basketball video has received nearly half a million views since launch. According to UA Chairman and CEO Kevin Plank, the introduction of ClutchFit is one of the key drivers of their 36 percent increase in revenue during Q2 2014, and the ClutchFit Highlight Cleat recently became football’s #1-selling shoe.

36% Increase in Revenue
Football's #1-Selling Shoe
Nearly Half a Million Views of ClutchFit Basketball Video